Alex is working on his NFT Project “New Familiars.” It combines abstract inks, fractals and digital art to create a universe of (g)ods, cultures, and technologies. Alex Has been working on this project since March 2016. No commissions until further notice. Stay tuned for updates.

Alexander Blur - Multimedia Artist
Illustration - Animation - Design - Print

Right Now

Alexander Blur

24 Years of Art

Alex's art has taken him to comic / anime conventions, private shows, auctions and speaking engagments. By craft being a printer, He also helps build clothing brands by building in lore and pushing the designs without losing their message.


Traditionaly trained at the College for Creative Studies and Gnomon School for Visual Effects, Alex has been grounded in the Sci - Fi and Fantasy genres for over 20 years



Alex's Roots with animation began at the end of 2016. He was tasked with creating sprites for a mobile game and due to the technology restrictions created most of the pieces in procreate. The Beginning of 2021, Alex has began working in Blender focusing on game assets and movie quality renders. " I still love 2D animation, always have and will. After seeing Akira in the 90's for the first time I was hooked. 3d Animation is fun but you can really do some wild stuff in 2d. I hope to find a way to marry the both with my style."



NFT's are collectible digital assets, which holds value as a form of cryptocurrency. It can take the form of digital art, small movies, gifs ( not jifs ) and music. With " New Familiars" Alex plans to release a series of books over the course of the year. These books will contain the addresses for his work. The books will be available as a coffee top book and available on digital format. The images TBA will be hosted on one site while the hidden side stories will be scattered on multiple for very limited times. Alex's hope is to establish a new universe with newly created laws, physics and life forms that sci-fi enthusiasts, storytellers, and world builders can draw from.


One of a kind

Passionate with no Chill

"Alex is an interesting guy, hes been doing this for far to long lol."


Game Development

After years of freelancing in asset managment and development . Alex has teamed up with long time friend to work on Pandemic Project ( CBO ) which started as a small match three game and has turning into a cosplay slug fest.

Alex and Cal started with a small match game in mind. Over the past 9 months they have created a immersive puzzle game and deep story tailored to anime and cosplay community. Currently we are in our alpha, the core game play works and currently they have a working roster of 12 fully animated characters with 5 moves each. Currently Alex is giving the game a re-haul putting his newly found blender skills in play.


New NFT Collection

This super limited collection will focus on what it would be like to have our universe perish

New Familiar. Still undecided on the platform Alex would like to list his works on.

Come Say Hi!

Reach out to collab, interested in a piece from the online store or just want to connect.

No Commissions until 2nd Quarter 2022.

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Open to Collaborations for NFTs. Commissions are closed until further notice.