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Alex Blur


I’m Alex, thanks for taking the time to look around to my page. Traditional artist by nature and I enjoy drawing a multitude of genres on different mediums. My artwork in my younger years were doodling superheroes in the spines of my notebooks and definitely my math homework. In high school, I was rolling out my first couple of stand alone t-shirt designs. In college I created the ” Nerd” shirt and moving them was my summer job. A little after college I created digital assets for a government bidding cooperation for 7 years before I started my career full time as an artist. As most, I started in marketing. Mostly my tasks included creating ads, menus, product photography, video content, social scheduling and logos for local businesses. It was awesome, but began to take a lot of time from my family. So after some soul seeking, I began to get into the print business. Vinyl is what we started with then screen printing and finally DTG (Direct to Garment), family owned and ran.

During the height of 2020 my friend and I came up with a concept for a game. It started as a quick conversation of what if’s, the ideas sounded good so we began to develop it. In 7 Months, over 4000 frames of animation had been completed. 24 frames per second on 2’s is and will forever be my Jam. At the end of 2021, I finally saved up enough to get my dream computer. I’m currently learning Blender, finishing Project CBO and finishing up “New Familiars” dropping April 24th.

Also, if you like what you see, check out my shop and show some support, share a blog post with like minded individuals, contact me, I don’t bite i swear! I send little goodies along with each package shipped to show my appreciation cause without people like you, there would be no coming this far.

– Thanks for your time, Alex

Ongaku and You 2: Planning and Sponsor

Ongaku and You 3: Planning and Sponsor

Current Project. Cosplay Battle Opera V.1

Current Project. Cosplay Battle Opera V.2

One of the first Videos I ever created * Head Smack *